If you’re planning a wedding, then you don’t need us to tell you how much work and organisation it takes. From venue hire and seating plans to bridesmaid dresses and the big day’s minute-by-minute schedule, we know you’ve got your hands full.

Wedding equipment hire is one of the biggest things you’ll be arranging, but it doesn’t have to be difficult – you just have to know what you need. Luckily, we’re experts on that, so we’re going to take you on a journey through a wedding reception to help you figure out what you need.

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Setting up

We’ll start with the basics. Some venues have their own tables and chairs, so make sure you check before you hire your own. If you’re looking at a big, empty space, then it’s time to think about what furniture you want.

Wedding Furniture Hire

Your tables and chairs should be in keeping with your wedding’s overall theme. If the wedding is going to be elegant and traditional, round tables are a good choice, whilst a rustic trestle paired with plants and foliage creates a more rural, down-to-earth ambience. If you’re planning for an outdoor reception, we have beautiful Parisian-style patio furniture which could fit your theme.

Complement a rustic, hardwood table with benches or Chiavari chairs. Our Cheltenham Natural Banquet chairs can offer a more traditional feel, and for outdoor events, we offer wooden folding chairs which are both practical and beautiful.

If you’re wondering which style of table will best suit your guests, view our Table Guide.

Wedding Linen Hire

No table setting is complete without table linen, whether you’re going for luxury with white, floor-length linen tablecloths, or showing off a hardwood table with a beautiful table runner. We also have a huge range of colourful table linen. You’ll also need linen napkins for your guests, which also come in various colours so you can perfectly match them to the rest of your linen.

Table linen comes in all shapes and sizes, so for more tips and advice view our linen guide.


Other Wedding Furniture

As well as tables and chairs, you may want to hire some other furniture for the comfort of your guests. Coat rails and hangers are ideal if your venue doesn’t have them already, especially for winter weddings when everyone is wearing coats. If some of your guests are babies, they’ll need high chairs.

Easels or notice boards work well for displaying your seating plan or any other important information for your guests. Outdoor weddings may need a gazebo or parasols.

One of the focal points of the wedding – the beautiful wedding cake – also needs a table to sit on. We also supply cake stands and specialised linen for your cake table.

In the kitchen

Now the dining area is all set up, it’s time to think about the kitchen. Some catering companies may supply some of their own equipment, so make sure to communicate with them regarding what they’ll bring and what you need to hire yourself.

Wedding Catering Equipment Hire

We offer a huge range of catering equipment for all types of cuisines from ovens and deep fryers to paella pans, crepe machines and hog roast machines. You can also hire gas or electric water boilers and a hand washing sink – we can essentially help you build a whole kitchen!

Food Servicing and Storage Hire

Whether you need to keep food hot or cold, you’ll need to hire some equipment to do so. We have both small and large hot cupboards to keep dishes warm before serving, as well as chafing dishes and tabletop hot lamps.

To keep food chilled, whether to keep ingredients fresh or desserts cool, you’ll need a fridge, freezer or both. We can supply basic commercial fridges or glass-front bar fridges, and for larger weddings, you can even hire an entire chilled/freezer trailer.

Hot Beverage Equipment Hire

As well as hot water boilers, you may want to hire hot water urns and coffee makers so you can serve hot drinks to your guests.

Utensil Hire

As well as large pieces of equipment, make sure your kitchen is fully equipped with all the utensils needed to create a delicious meal. This can include anything from pots and pans, chopping boards and ramekins to tongs, knives and spatulas.


The Meal

Everything is set up and the kitchen is ready to go. It’s time to set the tables with all the glassware, crockery and cutlery your guests will need throughout the meal. This can differ greatly with your style of meal and the number of courses. If you’re planning a buffet, you may choose to provide plates at the food serving station rather than at the table, whereas a three-course meal will need separate cutlery for each course.

Wedding Glassware Hire

Think about what drinks you’re planning to serve or have available at the reception. Champagne flutes, wine glasses, and glasses for water and other soft drinks are the most common pieces of glassware needed for weddings. If you’re having a bar, it will need stocking with glassware such as gin glasses and cocktail glasses. All of which are available to hire here at Hospitality Event Hire.

Wedding Crockery and Cutlery Hire

The crockery and cutlery you need can differ between courses, as well as what dishes you have on the menu. Soups will of course need bowls and spoons, whilst some desserts may be served in glasses. Find out more information and view our full cutlery range at Hospitality Event Hire today.


Starter Course

A basic starter set-up will usually consist of all of the meal’s cutlery arranged in order of use, from outside to inside. Therefore, your smaller starter cutlery will go on the outside of the larger main course cutlery.

You may be serving bread before or with your starter, so make sure you have bread baskets or breadboards as well as side plates, butter dishes and butter knives. You can then choose between round and square starter plates to finalise your starter table setting.

Main Course

Once the starter crockery and cutlery have been cleared, you’ll be left with the cutlery for your main and dessert courses. As well as your main course plates or bowls, which we recommend matching in shape to your starter crockery, you may choose to hire some charger plates which help hot food retain heat and catch spills.

Depending on what you’re planning to serve, you may also want to hire some specialist crockery such as risotto plates or pasta bowls. If you’re serving something like steak or fish, you may provide steak or fish knives to your guests.

Dessert Course

At this point, you’ll be left with a dessert spoon and small cake fork at the top of your table setting. You may also want to add a teaspoon for your guests. Choose your dessert plates for dishes like brownies or cake, as well as dessert bowls for things like sticky toffee pudding or apple crumble, ramekins for creme brulee, and dessert glasses for Eton mess or mini trifles.

You may also serve custard or cream with your desserts, so make sure you hire sauce jugs.

Cheese Course

If you’re having a cheese course at the end of your meal, you’ll need to hire extra side plates (or dishwashing facilities to reuse the plates from your starter course). You’ll also need service boards for the cheese, cheese knives, and baskets (or plates) for biscuits/crackers.


After the Meal

Now we’re done with the meal, and hopefully, everyone is feeling well-fed and satisfied. It’s time to plan the next part of the night, starting with after-dinner coffees and liqueurs.

Coffee & Liqueurs

As well as the equipment needed to make hot drinks, you’ll need to consider the wide range of glasses and crockery needed to serve your coffees and liqueurs. This ranges from your basic coffee and tea cups and saucers to specialised coffee cups like espresso cups and latte glasses. You may also need coffee and tea pots as well as cafetiers. Don’t forget milk jugs and sugar bowls, as well as plenty of teaspoons.

Stock up on liqueur glasses, brandy bowls, port glasses and shot glasses for your guests who fancy something a little stronger.

Cutting the Cake

Make sure you have all the equipment you need for the ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake. As well as the cake stand, we can supply a matching silver knife, as well as oval flats for serving. You’ll need some more side plates here, as well as cake forks.


The Dance Floor

When the dining tables are cleared away to make room for the dance floor, you know it’s time for the next stage of the night! We can provide dance floors to protect the floor of your venue or add some pizazz. You may also want to hire staging equipment such as lights or smoke machines. If you’re hiring a DJ, make sure you know what they’re bringing and what they need you to supply.

After-dinner Bar

Whilst your guests light up the dance floor, you may provide a tended bar to keep them hydrated for the rest of the night. We can provide the bar itself, and you may want to hire some poseur tables and bar stools to place in the area for guests taking a break from dancing.

Of course, a bar is nothing without a huge range of glassware such as pint glasses and spirit glasses, and your bartender may need equipment such as spirit measures, bottle openers, paper napkins and of course, a fridge to keep the drinks cool.


Need to Know Anything Else About Wedding Equipment Hire?

If you’re looking for a handy list with all the items you may need to hire for the upcoming wedding then you’re in luck. Our function planner includes every catering and hospitality item you could possibly need to host a successful wedding.

If you can’t find something on the list, just get in touch with us on 01202 612336 or email us at info@hospitalityeventhire.com. We work closely with our suppliers to provide our clients with high-quality, lovingly maintained equipment, as well as guidance and advice on what wedding equipment you need.

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