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What is the SafeHire Certification Scheme?

SafeHire is a private industry standard created by Hire Association Europe and Event Hire Association (HAE EHA) for the hire industry in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the British Standards Institute (BSi). The scheme supports companies to achieve and maintain the highest industry standards, in areas such as quality management, health and safety, customer service, and environmental management.

The Importance Of Safety When Hiring Hospitality Equipment

The Importance Of Safety When Hiring Hospitality Equipment

Safety should never be an afterthought when hiring hospitality equipment. The wellbeing of so many individuals hinges on it – from event guests to employees. The hospitality industry’s central objective is to provide guests with a comfortable, enjoyable, and secure experience. Safety, in this context, is not merely a desirable aspect, but an ethical responsibility. Whether it’s a wedding celebration, a corporate event, or a holiday getaway, guests must feel protected and at ease.

Any lapses in safety can lead to accidents or incidents that not only harm individuals but also tarnish the reputation of the establishment. For instance, a slip and fall due to an improperly maintained floor or a foodborne illness outbreak can quickly lead to negative reviews, damaged trust, and even legal ramifications.

The legal landscape as a whole demands rigorous safety measures. Regulatory bodies have established stringent safety regulations and standards to protect the interests of guests and employees. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in severe penalties, including fines and business closures.

Employee wellbeing is also an integral part of health and safety: an unsafe working environment can lead to workplace injuries, harming staff morale and increasing absences which affects the overall quality of service. Equipment breakdowns or accidents can also impact the quality of service, leading to lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction. Consistently safe equipment and practices ensure that operations run smoothly, allowing for a positive guest experience.

Prioritising safety isn’t just an expense: it’s a wise financial decision. Preventing accidents and injuries reduces healthcare costs, worker’s compensation claims, legal fees, and insurance premiums. It also aligns with sustainability efforts, as safe, well-maintained equipment tends to have a longer lifespan, reducing the environmental impact of frequent replacements.

Requirements for Obtaining SafeHire Certification

Requirements for Obtaining SafeHire Certification

To achieve SafeHire certification, businesses must pass an assessment which involves onsite verification of their policies and systems. These elements can’t just be written in a document somewhere – they must be fully implemented and effective at all levels of the business, meaning customers are reassured that the company walks the walk, and doesn’t just talk the talk.

Why Choose a Hire Company with SafeHire Certification?

1. They’re committed to quality 

In order to achieve SafeHire Certification, hire companies must go through a rigorous assessment process which confirms their commitment to quality. SafeHire certified companies operate at the highest industry standards, which includes constant maintenance and cleaning of their equipment for hire. When you choose to hire from a SafeHire certified company, you’re less likely to receive equipment which is broken or damaged, dirty, or otherwise low quality.

2. You’ll receive a high standard of service

SafeHire certified companies are committed to providing a high standard of service, meaning you’re much less likely to be let down on the day. SafeHire companies are more trustworthy due to the verification of the policies and processes they have in place to ensure they always deliver a high standard of service. They have to adhere to these standards in order to stay SafeHire certified.

3. They’re environmentally conscious

A review of a company’s environmental policy is also part of the SafeHire assessment process. Choosing to hire equipment over purchasing it and disposing of it is already a more environmentally conscious decision, and choosing a SafeHire certified hire company means you’ll be hiring from a company which shares the same environmental consciousness as you.

Sustainable strategies can include resource management including proper waste disposal and recycling; proactive maintenance to ensure equipment is fuel-efficient and lasts longer; implementation of alternative fuels and innovative technologies; and the use of electric or hybrid equipment.

Why Choose a Hire Company with SafeHire Certification

4. They’re tested annually

The SafeHire scheme isn’t a ‘check once’ type of certification. To stay SafeHire certified, companies must be tested annually, ensuring their policies are not only still in place but are still actively being followed. These means you can trust that the current management, equipment and processes of the company are all SafeHire compliant.

5. They fully inspect and test their equipment before each hire

One of the SafeHire scheme’s required policies involves the company’s inspection and test processes, which must be carried out prior to each hire. This includes PAT testing, gas testing and general cleaning and maintenance. This means you’re much less likely to receive equipment which lets you down on the day – improving health and safety as well as the experience of your guests.

How to Check if a Company is SafeHire Certified

The easiest way to check if a company is SafeHire certified is to look on their website for the following logo:
SafeHire Certification SchemeSafeHire Logo

This will usually be located on the website’s homepage or about page, often near the bottom or in the footer.

If you can’t see the logo or want to double check that it is legitimate, you can visit the HAE website to search for the company.

Alternatively, you can call the company directly to ask for their SafeHire number which will also allow you to verify the legitimacy of the certification.

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