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Hiring chairs for hospitality events might seem like a simple task, but it can be daunting if you’re unsure about what you want. With numerous types of chairs available for hire, it can be overwhelming. However, with our help at Hospitality Event Hire, you have nothing to worry about. You can find and hire chairs to meet your exact needs, no matter what type of occasion or event you’re planning.

Here at Hospitality Event Hire, we offer a wide range of chairs for hire across Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire and Wiltshire and for any type of event. so whether you’re planning your wedding or organising a corporate day or conference, we are here to help.

Choosing the Perfect Chair for Your Upcoming Event

To ensure your event is a success, you must choose the right chair for the occasion. When deciding on a chair to hire, consider the type of event you’re hosting. For example, conference chairs and wedding Chiavari Chairs are popular choices for weddings, however, there are also a variety of other styles available, such as the Cross Back Chair or Natural Cheltenham Chair. Both of which are great chair choices for parties, corporate functions and more.
Additionally, if you’re unsure which type of chair is best for your event give us a call or email at Hospitality Event Hire and we’ll help assist you with your chair hire choice.

Ensure You Hire High-Quality Chairs for Your Event

You want to ensure you hire only the best-looking chair for your upcoming event which is why it’s always important to ask your potential chair hire company whether they check items for damage after an event and whether the chairs get repaired. Additionally, it can be helpful to read reviews of the hire company to ensure you’re receiving the best items and service for your upcoming event.

Here at Hospitality Event Hire, you’ll be happy to know that we individually check each chair when it returns to our storage facility after an event and deal with any chairs which may require maintenance or recycling. This ensures that each event receives only the highest quality hire chairs. Additionally, feel free to check out our reviews for yourself!

How many Chairs Do I Need to Hire?

Knowing how many chairs you need to hire for your upcoming event can be overwhelming. However, we’re here to make it easier for you. We’ve created a simple and useful Chairs and Table Seating Guide, which is available at Hospitality Event Hire today, that can help you determine how many chairs you should hire based on the type of tables and the number of guests you’re going to have at the event.

By using the Chairs and Table Seating Guide, you can ensure that you hire the right number of chairs for your event and create the ideal layout that will make the event look stunning.

Types of Chairs Available to Hire

Here at Hospitality Event Hire, we offer the following chair types for hire:

Banqueting & Conference Chair Hire

Hospitality Event Hire stocks and supplies an array of banqueting and conference chairs in standard colours ready for hire. These types of chairs are suitable for exhibitions, weddings, conferences, shows, and just about any indoor event where you want to provide a higher level of comfort to your guest.

Our banqueting and conference chairs include:

Folding Chair Hire

We offer a standard Wooden Folding Chair and a more premium White Folding Chair with cushioned seat, both perfect for large-scale events, as well as outdoor seating.

Wooden Chair Hire

We have a number of wooden chairs that have a traditional feel to them and are perfect for adding a rustic feel to a wedding or event. Our wooden chairs include:

Chiavari Chair Hire

We stock a Lime Washed Chiavari Chair which is extremely popular for weddings. Additionally, we offer the chair with a choice of either a Black, Blue, Ivory or Light Grey seat pad. The Chiavari Chair is a great choice if you’re not looking to use seat covers, allowing you to show off the detailing of the magnificent Chiavari Chair.

Outdoor Chair Hire

We have several chair hire ranges that are ideal for outdoor use. These are used widely for festivals, birthday and garden parties, as well as barn and outdoor weddings. Our outdoor chairs available for hire include:

Bar Stool Hire

Often overlooked as a chair option, bar stools are great for conferences, exhibitions, as well as for parties. We offer a Black Poseur Table Stool which can be paired perfectly with our Black Poseur Table.

Rustic Chair Hire

Rustic chair hire has become increasingly popular in recent times, especially for weddings. Here at Hospitality Event Hire, we offer the Cross Back Chair and the Lime Washed Chiavari Chair, both perfect for creating that rustic feel.

Sofa Hire

If you’re looking for something a bit more casual and comfortable our sofas for hire might be the perfect addition to your event. Available with either a black or white cover, our sofas are perfect for relaxed parties to provide additional seating or exhibitions for prospective client chats.


If you’re looking to hold an event with babies and toddlers in attendance, then our high chairs are a must. The little people often get overlooked at events so ensure they get a space at the table with our highchair hire.

Things to Consider When Hiring Chairs for an Event

It may seem strange that something as simple as seating can have such an impact on your event, but chairs are so much more than just somewhere to sit your guests. Whether you require a formal reception area or a stylish lounge, we have put together a list of what you will need to consider when hiring chairs for your event.

  1. Comfort

It is estimated that the average person spends 60% of their day in a chair. With so much of our time spent seated, it is crucial that we consider how comfortable we are. It is important to establish how long you anticipate your guests to be seated. If you are arranging a dinner, for example, you can expect your guests to be seated for a long period of time and must therefore ensure they are comfortable for its duration. Comfort is also important when arranging a reception area or waiting room as it creates an inviting atmosphere for your guests. Our sofas are a great way to ensure your guests are relaxed. It is upholstered to the highest standard to combine comfort and style, adding a touch of tranquillity to your event or exhibition, and available with either a black or white cover.

  1. Space

Space is always a huge concern when arranging an event or exhibition. It is important that you consider how much space you have to fill. Hiring bulky chairs in a small space will leave your guests feeling cramped and may restrict your options in terms of adding other elements to your event. Likewise, chairs can be a perfect way to fill an area to avoid it looking bare. You will need to look at the floor plan of your venue to decide where is best to place your seating area. Also consider the flow of traffic at your event; will some areas be busier than others? The setup of furniture can help to control the flow of traffic and allows you to section the space.

  1. Who are your clients?

It is important that you are familiar with the demographic of people who will be attending your event. Children will have very different seating requirements to elderly guests and so it is important to consider who will be using your seating. You may also want to consider how close you want to seat your guests and whether they require any privacy at the event. If you are organising a corporate event, you will need to organise a meeting space for your guests to sit together.

  1. Style

Hire chairs are the perfect way to add style to any event. The design of your event should reflect your desired image. Here at Hospitality Event Hire, we stock an extensive range of chairs to suit any style, ensuring you’re spoilt for choice.

  1. Material

The best material for your chairs will depend on its function. You will need to consider how durable you need your furniture to be as well as what finish the material provides. And if your event is outside you will need to choose seating that is water resistant.

Wedding Chair Hire

Whether you’re hosting a formal wedding breakfast or a more casual affair, chair hire is an essential element of your wedding day. Here at Hospitality Event Hire, we are experts when it comes to wedding chair hire. Therefore if you’re looking for a reliable wedding chair hire company, Hospitality Event Hire is for you. We offer a wide variety of popular wedding chairs to choose from, including Chiavari chairs, cross-back chairs, banquet chairs, and more.

Wedding chair hire

Chair Hire with Hospitality Event Hire Across Dorset, Hampshire & Somerset

Looking for chair hire for your next event? Look no further than Hospitality Event Hire! We offer chair hire services across Dorset, Hampshire and Somerset, providing high-quality and comfortable seating for a range of events.

Our chairs are perfect for weddings, corporate events, parties, conferences and more. We have a wide range of styles available, from classic banquet chairs to modern and minimalist designs. We can also provide chair covers and sashes to match your event’s theme or colour scheme.

Our team will work with you to ensure that all your seating requirements are met, whether you need a small number of chairs or a large quantity for a big event. We provide fast and reliable delivery and setup services, so you can focus on enjoying your event without any hassle.

So why not get in touch with us today to discuss your chair hire needs? We’re confident that we can provide the perfect seating solution for your event.

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