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Virtually any event, including weddings, dinner parties, award ceremonies and more, call for ample seating for your guests. The first thing you’ll need to do when sorting out your seating arrangements is to figure out how many chairs you’ll need to hire. For weddings, this could be more than the number of guests – will you be using the same chairs for both the ceremony and the reception? By using our Table and Chairs Seating Guide, you can ensure that you have the right number of chairs for hire for your event and that you create the ideal layout that will make the event look stunning and run smoothly.

Once you have an idea of how many chairs you’ll be needing, it’s time to choose the style of chairs you want. Are you having a rustic wedding? How about a sophisticated corporate event? Are you having an indoor party or an outdoor gathering? Choosing the best chairs for your event or wedding is a big deal, so luckily, we’ve already got a guide on that too!

If you’ve landed on this guide, you’ve probably decided on classic crossback chairs for your event – or you’re at least considering them. Crossback chairs have become a staple in event décor, especially for weddings. Their carved, rustic design combines practicality with style to make them the perfect choice for any event. Crossback chairs are as at home in a barn or outdoor marquee as they are in a nice stately home – it’s all about how you dress them. 

The charm of crossback chairs errs on the side of rustic, especially when they’re made from natural wood with knots and grains shining through. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t dress the chairs up to make them fit virtually any theme or setting.

From simple bouquets of green to grand flowing chiffon and bright pops of colour, we’ll be sharing some of our favourite ways to style crossback chairs for events and weddings. This should provide you with some inspiration for your own event, whatever the theme!

Elegant Bouquets for Crossback Chairs

Bouquet on cross back chairs

Photo by Paulina Weddings

A popular and classic choice for weddings for a reason. Adding an elegant bouquet to each crossback chair allows you to tie in the guest seating to key components like the flowers surrounding the altar or even the bride’s own bouquet.

You can secure the flowers to the backrest, or drape them gracefully along the top rail. Some may choose to add a bouquet in a vase or pot at the end of each aisle, particularly for ceremony seating rather than reception.

However you choose to arrange the bouquets, this simple yet stunning decoration adds a natural and romantic touch to the seating arrangement. You can stick to a traditional wedding bouquet, or you can choose something a little different. Flower decoration ideas for crossback chairs include:

  • Single stem accents
  • Foliage and berries
  • Silk arrangements
  • Seasonal flowers
  • Edible bouquets

By mixing textures and colours and even incorporating personal elements, these chair bouquets are sure to enhance the overall aesthetic of your event and leave a lasting impression on guests, making each seating arrangement a work of art.

Seat Cushions for Crossback Chairs

Cushions on cross back chairs

Photo by Funky Bird Photography

Adding seat cushions to your crossback chairs is a simple way to both increase comfort and add to the overall aesthetic of the seating arrangement. This is a particularly good choice for reception seating, where guests will likely be sat for many hours.

Select cushions that complement the overall theme and colour scheme of the event, whether it’s classic white, soft, romantic pastels, or something more bold and vibrant. If it fits your vibe, consider cushions with intricate patterns or delicate embroidery, or even a different fabric like velvet, satin, or faux fur.  

Coordinate the cushions with other elements of the décor, such as table linens, to create a more cohesive look. You can even personalise the cushions by incorporating things like monograms or custom embroidery that reflect the couple’s style and personality. The options are endless, whether you’re opting for simplicity or intricacy!

Colourful Ribbons for Crossback Chairs

Ribbons - cross back chairs

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For an instant step towards whimsy in your event, tie colourful ribbons around the back of each crossback chair. This is a simple and inexpensive way to either instil a sense of playfulness into your event or to otherwise brighten up your seating arrangement. This option works particularly well in outdoor weddings, especially those with a festival theme, where bright colours are commonplace.

Begin by choosing the colours you want for your ribbons, ensuring they go with your event’s colour palette or theme. You can opt for solid colours for a bold statement or mix and match different shades. Pastel pink will add a touch of romance, whereas more nature-themed events may call for greens and oranges.

Tie the ribbons around the backrests or along the top rails of the crossback chairs, securing them with bows or knots. The way you choose to tie the ribbons also has a big impact on their vibe – will a chunky bow fit your ambience, or is something more subtle the way to go?

The ribbons in the picture above have been tied with simple slipknots, allowing the bright colours to do the talking. The colours of the ribbons have also been coordinated with bright pom poms which sit in place of bouquets at the end of each row for even more of an impact.

Greenery for Crossback Chairs

Greenery on cross back chairs

Photo by Amanda Douglas Events

In place of a traditional flower bouquet, adorn your event or wedding’s crossback chairs with greenery to create a fresh, organic feel. This is ideal for rustic weddings, whether they’re held indoors or outside. 

The fun part is selecting your desired foliage – we recommend a mix of some of the following:

  • Tree foliage like hazel, oak and birch
  • Ivy
  • Ferns
  • Olive branches
  • Eucalyptus
  • Wildflowers
  • Pinecones
  • Huckleberry
  • Herbs like sage, mint, oregano and thyme

You can create small bundles or garlands of greenery and drape them gracefully along the top rails or backs of the chairs. Secure the greenery with twine, ribbon, or delicate wire to ensure it stays in place throughout the event. For a more minimalist approach, opt for simple sprigs placed strategically on each chair. 

Macrame Décor for Crossback Chairs

Macrame - cross back chairs

Photo by Smith and the Magpie

Achieve a bohemian-inspired look by draping macramé or woven tapestries over the crossback chairs. These intricate ornaments tend to be on the more expensive side, so you may choose to do this just for the couple’s chairs whilst decorating all the chairs with similar adornments like simple tassels or beads.

These beautifully knotted macramé pieces come in any shape and size – you can often buy them bespoke just for you to fit your wedding down to a T. For a rustic wedding, choose neutral tones like ivory, beige, or taupe. But a true boho look calls for more vibrant colours! 

Drape the macramé over the backs of the crossback chairs, allowing the patterns to stand out against the natural wood. You can further enhance the bohemian vibe by incorporating additional elements like feathers, beads, or tassels into the macramé design. 

You can also pair the macramé with other boho-inspired décor elements such as woven rugs or floor cushions.

Wreaths for Crossback Chairs

Wreaths - cross back chairs

Photo by Sarah Falugo

Wreaths aren’t just for doors in December; these elegant arrangements of greenery are a versatile way to decorate crossback chairs for weddings and other events. 

Wreaths are, understandably, a popular choice for wintry, festive weddings, but they can be styled for any season. It’s all in the details – consider the foliage you use for the base of the wreath, as well as the colour of any ribbons or other elements. For spring weddings, opt for light pastels – yellows, greens, pinks. Adorn the wreaths with flowers which bloom in spring, like hyacinth and daffodils, upon a base of ferns. 

Summer events call for something even brighter, so small sunflowers are always a good choice. An autumnal wreath benefits from deeper colours – think burgundy and purple – while a wintry wreath welcomes berries and pinecones. For Christmas events, don’t be afraid to add splashes of sparkle and dustings of white. You can even embellish the wreaths with little Christmas decorations!

However you choose to style wreaths for the crossback chairs, you can securely fasten them to either the top rail or the cross back using ribbons, twine, or wire. 

White Chiffon Sashes for Crossback Chairs

Chiffon Sashes on cross back chairs

Photo by Great Fosters Hotel

This is a very classic way of styling crossback chairs, most commonly seen in more traditional weddings and events. However, additions to the chiffon, including beads, ribbons, and various colours, can completely change the vibe to suit your own preferences.

You can drape the chiffon sashes delicately over the backrests of the chairs, allowing them to cascade gracefully to the floor, or you may choose to tie them into neat bows – this may be a better choice for outdoor weddings, especially on grass. Either way, the soft and airy texture of the chiffon lends a touch of sophistication to the seating arrangement. 

Ways to style chiffon sashes for crossback chairs include: 

  • Brooches
  • Flowers
  • Beaded trimmings
  • Strands of beads
  • Ribbons

It’s up to you what colour chiffon you use – white is, of course, a classic choice, but you should match the sashes to your overall theme or colour scheme. Whilst bright pink may provide a more romantic feel, and dark green is a nod to nature, the lightweight feel of the elegant chiffon will always add a sense of suaveness to the chairs.

Dried Plant Bouquets for Crossback Chairs

Dried Bouquets on cross back chairs

Styling dried plant bouquets for crossback chairs infuses a rustic and earthy charm into event or wedding décor. Rather than adding lush greens or bright flowers, this more muted bouquet option is perfect for boho or rustic weddings alike. 

Select a variety of dried herbs, flowers and other plants such as:

  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Wheat stalks
  • Thyme
  • White or beige flowers
  • Feathery grasses 
  • Bunny tails
  • Sage
  • Pussywillow

Arrange the sprigs into small bouquets, securing them with twine or ribbon, and attach them to the backrests or tops of the chairs. Incorporate additional dried plant accents throughout the decor, such as table centrepieces, wreaths, or aisle decorations.

Whether you’re planning a grand wedding or an intimate gathering, the styling possibilities for crossback chairs are endless. By incorporating elements such as greenery, wreaths, or dried plant bouquets, you can infuse the event with natural beauty and rustic charm. 

Ultimately, the key is to let your creativity shine and tailor the decor to reflect the personality and vision of the couple or host. With careful attention to detail and a dash of imagination, styling crossback chairs transforms them from simple seating arrangements into exquisite works of art that leave a lasting impression on guests.

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