Crockery Hire Dorset

Are you in Dorset looking for a crockery supplier you can trust? One of the most important elements of running any successful catering business is pulling off a successful event. If you are a seasoned caterer with years of experience, you probably already know that most events don’t go according to plan. Sometimes things go wrong and your ability to improvise may mean the difference between a recommendation and a disaster.

All caterers know that the key to a successfully catered event is the availability of good equipment and materials. Of all the equipment and tools of trade a caterer uses, perhaps the most important is the crockery. It represents the end-point of all your hard work and impressive crockery can really crown your event. That’s because, your clients may not see the oven or grill you used to make the food, but they will see the crockery you use.

Therefore as important as your equipment is, the choice of crockery is just as important if not more important.

We’re The Number 1 Crockery Hire Company in Dorset

When choosing the right dinnerware, you want a product that will make an impression but also be practical. The good news is that it is possible to find practical dinnerware that is also very presentable, beautiful and elegant. To begin with, the kind of event you are catering will determine the number and sometimes the size and type of dinnerware you need. For example, for a wedding, Athena Hotelware or Churchill WhiteWare may be the ideal choice and the guest list will determine the number you need.

Once you have what you need in mind, the next step is to find a supplier. If your event is in and around Dorset, Hospitality Hire is the best choice. With more than 20 years’ experience in the hotel and catering industry, we know everything you need to cater the perfect event and we have it.

From fine china, glassware, melamine, Hotelware and WhiteWare, we have every type, size and kind of commercial crockery that you’ll ever need. We take care to ensure that every piece we have is of the highest quality. With our selection of dinnerware, your event will always remain the talk of the town long after you’ve packed up and left.

How to Order Crockery

We understand that you probably don’t have too much time to worry about all the details of the crockery you need. Other matters like the food, making sure it is well cooked and ready to serve should occupy more of your time. That’s why we make the process of supplying the dinnerware you need very simple.

To begin with, our catalogue provides all the information you need to make your choice. You simply need to select the type of dinnerware you need and place your order. All our brands are trusted and used by the professionals in the industry and meet the modern catering standards.

Contact us with your questions or if you need any assistance with your crockery order.