Crockery Hire Poole

Catering a wedding, corporate luncheon, birthday or any other event can be a logistical nightmare. There are so many moving parts; the equipment you need, the venue, guest list and many more. While we may not be able to help you with the guest list or entertainment, we can certainly help with the catering aspect. In particular Hospitality Hire can provide you with all the crockery you will need to move your event forward.

The type of crockery you need can depend on the type of event you are catering and the time of day. For example, a wedding may not need the same number of plates or dinnerware as a simple family brunch. But both events are equally as important and you need the best if you are going to impress your guests.

The Different Types of Crockery

If own a catering business in Poole, you probably already know that there are several different types of crockery materials to choose from. Hospitality Hire tries to have every single type in stock to make it easier for you to always have a choice.

Whether you need the elegance of Whiteware for your wedding or are looking for something simpler like fine china or even melamine, we take the time to ensure the quality of the crockery we have so they work for your event type. It is also worth noting that our crockery don’t just vary in size and style, they are also vary in brand name and manufacturer.

Are you looking for Athena Hotelware, Australian Fine China, Lumina Fine China, or Churchill Whiteware? Whatever your style, we try to stock every type of dinnerware to make us the only supplier you need for your event in Poole. Our stocks are as diverse as they are numerous. You can find all the crockery you will ever need regardless of the size of your event.

How to Choose the Best

Where there is variety, it can be difficult to make the choice. For seasoned caterers, the choice is easy; what kind of event are you catering? What is the guest size? Once you figure that out, all you need to do is check out our catalogue and select the dinnerware you need, place an order specifying the number and we do the rest.

But what if you are not a caterer; you’re just hosting a family get-together? Well, the same principal applies; understand how many people you’ll be serving and the type of crockery you need will be determined by the size and the type of event.

For instance, a simple family get together may not require the extravagance and the expense of Whiteware, unless that’s what you want. Fine China may work just fine.

Whatever you choose, Hospitality Hire guarantees the availability and quality of each piece. Just browse our catalogue to choose what you need. If you have any trouble finding the crockery you want to use, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.