Wedding Catering Equipment & Furniture Hire Southampton

Located on Hampshire County, Southampton is a scenic town that has a lot to offer for both locals and tourists alike in terms of a rich culture, history and scenery. This makes it the perfect location for all manner of functions and events, but more particularly weddings. It is not surprising then that Southampton’s social calendar sees a large number of weddings nearly every weekend. The town has venues for every imaginable wedding and event.

Some of the most popular venues in Southampton include the Southampton Guildhall, SeaCity Museum, Southampton City Art Gallery, St. Mary’s Stadium, The Mayflower Theatre, Hilton Southampton and Mayflower Park. All of these venues and others offer you a wide selection for your wedding venue regardless of the size of your wedding party or the theme.

There is also a lot to see and experience in Southampton for your wedding guests. Southampton presents the perfect venue for them to experience especially if they are from out of town. Some of these attractions include Southampton’s 14thcentury medevac walls which is the third longest unbroken stretch of city wall in Britain. The magnificent Tudor house in St. Michael’s Square built in the late 15th Century is also a great site that offers visitors the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with Georgian and Victorian artifacts including jewelry.

Great, especially comfortable furniture can make or break the event and consequently make or break your event planning business. But where can you get the perfect event furniture in Poole? Well, if you are looking for a wide variety of furniture to make your event stand out and you want unlimited choices, Hospitality Hire is where you want to be.

Planning a Wedding in Southampton

One thing is very clear; Southampton offers you a wide selection of wedding venues to choose from. It is particularly ideal for a destination wedding and your guests can choose from so many luxury and mid-range hotels to stay in. The beauty of Southampton coupled with the availability of a wide range of accommodations can make a Southampton wedding easy to plan, manage and execute.

That would be true if all you needed to plan a wedding is the venue. The venue is a large part component, but by no means the only one. There are a lot of things to worry about; the dress, other logistics like transportation and the like.

Southampton Wedding Furniture and Wedding Catering Equipment Hire

We can’t help you pick out the dress or the venue. But we operate in Southampton and are therefore well versed in every kind of furniture and catering equipment you will need to make your special day go smoothly. We are the perfect choice for all your wedding furniture needs since we have an extensive range of all the furniture you need to make your event a success. For wedding furniture, you can choose from our extensive range of wedding dance floors, lighting and chairs.

Our selection of event chairs for example, includes banquet chairs, Camelot chairs, and white resin chairs. These chairs also come in a wide range of colors to suit your color scheme and theme for the wedding. Seat pads can also be arranged on request.

You will also certainly need tables if your wedding reception is going to be perfect. Fortunately, we have a wide selection if tables for you including round, oval and trestle tables. These tables also come in a variety of sizes, making it very easy to choose a tale that will fit in with your wedding guest seating chart and the overall theme.

Even more impressive is our wide selection of dance floors you can choose from. These include a stock of parquet, black and white dance floors of varying sizes. The dance floors are all ready for use and we will even install them at the venue for you.

We also offer a wide range of catering equipment in different sizes. You can choose our commercial cookers, hot cupboards and fronted display refrigeration. We understand that the type and size of catering equipment you need will depend on the size of your wedding party. So, we can customize the hire to suit your every need. We also offer other necessary items including cutlery, dinnerware and glassware.

All our products are high quality and guaranteed to serve you for the duration of the event. Contact us and we’ll talk about your wedding and the number of guests to determine exactly what you need to make your day even more special.